The easiest way to send any file, of any size, on any device

Ugh! It’s been so frustrating to switch between file sharing tools every few months.

Some have low file size limits. Others can’t send folders. And yet others cancel transfers when disconnecting from the Internet. And what’s worse is that they’re all overly complicated asking you to enter email addresses, select files one by one or forcing you to keep a web page open to complete a transfer.

How to stream large files on desktop: drag, drop, select contact, click Send

Easily send files

Simply drag and drop the files, select a contact and click ‘Send’.

A total re-imagination of how file transfer should work has led Infinit to devise an experience on desktop allowing anyone to send any file or folder in less than 4 seconds through an a clear and intuitive process.

how to receive files: notification, accept, open

Easily receive files

Simply click ‘Accept’ and the files will automatically appear on your computer.

Receiving files has also been made as easy requiring just a single click before the files start appearing in your Downloads folder. No emails, no links, no ZIPs; just a straight-forward and pain-free experience.

How to share big files: select files/folders, right click, send

No installation required

Wondering whether or not your friends, colleagues or clients can retrieve your files without having to download and install a program? Infinit lets you send files directly to an email address, so your recipient can simply download the files without installing Infinit.

Another way would be to generate a link to any of your files and send that link to your recipient by email or any other messaging service.

Works everywhere

Infinit has been conceived for your multi-device digital life, letting you send files to whomever you wish on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android and iPad.

Also, thanks to Infinit’s technology, changing Wi-Fi hotspots, shutting down your smartphone or killing the application will never cancel your transfers, but simply pause and resume them automatically when you come back online.

Finally, since Infinit is smart, it’s able to find the shortest path between your device and your recipient’s, allowing for super fast transfers when you’re on the same Wi-Fi network.

How to send large files via mobile: drag, drop, select contact, click send

Send your photos and videos in just a few seconds and rest assured that they’ll arrive safe and sound.

With Infinit, you can finally send your collections of photos and hour-long videos to your family in just a few steps.

File Transfer App - Download on the AppStore - Infinit File Transfer App - Download on the PlayStore - Infinit
Transfer files across iPhone or Android devices, Mac or Windows computers or iPads or Android tablets

Send to another device

Send files to yourself to move them quickly between your own devices.

Infinit doens’t just allow sending to your friends, colleagues and clients. With Infinit, you can also send photos, videos and documents to one of your other devices. After selecting yourself as the recipient, a notification will pop up on all your other devices. All you have to do is accept the transfer on whichever device you’d like to receive the files.

This feature is perfect for moving all of your photos and videos from your smartphone to your desktop. But you could also transfer a full HD movie from your desktop computer to your tablet within minutes, before leaving on a trip for example.