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When you've got to transfer big files like photos, videos or even documents to your friends and contacts, your reflex may likely not be to open a file transfer app. Instinctively, you likely launch your favorite messaging app or start writing an email. How 1999 of us!

Unfortunately, messaging and email applications have ignored the needs of large file transfer and doing away with limits on attachment sizes, refusing to join us in the 21st century.

What to do? Until now, we’ve had no choice but to rely on alternative file transfer services that impose yet other constraints. The inability to handle large file transfers composed of folders or simply pausing a file transfer if you’re disconnected from the Internet make up some of the ways we’re still hindered, all while we’ve only been offered marginal gains in big file transfer.

Sharing multiple files and folders

Experience infinite limits

Designed with productivity at its heart, Infinit takes the thinking out of file transfer by removing arbitrary limits.

With one intuitive action, Infinit can transfer big files and folders of any size and format in less than 4 seconds. Special large file formats like Sketch designs, Keynotes, Pages documents entire photo albums or HD videos can be sent via Infinit file transfer as easily as a single file.

Stream the media files you receive right away

As if Infinit isn’t already the best big file transfer product you’ve heard of since extra-long baguettes and salted butter, the app allows you to start playing any media content like sound and video from a file transfer even before the download is complete.

Stream files